On a long list of things to consider while leaving the country, if you are a computer based business, then add an adapter to your list of must have’s. Thinking that this process of finding what I need would be easy, I discovered that where you are going is important and certain countries have their own unique system working. However, to make this process as easy to follow as I possibly can I will provide you with what I believe are three inquiries you need to consider when determining what type of adapter you need to purchase.

  1. Make a list of all of the appliances you plan to bring. This is important because this will let you know how many adapters you will need to have. After scouring the internet reading reviews and considering my own personal needs combined with that of my spouse, there were 3 Reasons I Chose Bestek Travel Voltage Converter as my top pick choice. If you are not a lone traveler then you can consider that your usage will be doubled. So having a voltage converter that is multifaceted is your best option. Let’s face it as Americans we are energy hogs, we do not want to have to wait to charge our phone while using our laptop, and on top of that we must make sure our tablet’s and ipads are ready to go as well. Let’s not forget our hair appliances and for our nutrition buffs our Nutribullets. Bottom line you will need to still know what all you are bringing so that you can access how many adapters you need, along with any other details that will be necessary to determine the best adapter for your appliances. I made the mistake of thinking the adapter was the only issue, but the adapter only makes your product fit into the outlet, it doesn’t make your voltage usage equal.voltage-label
  2. Find out what the voltage and Hz rate is for the country you are visiting, and make sure you know the voltage on the appliances you plan to bring. This is extremely important my research has used enough capital letters to identify that this is important enough for me to pass that information to you. Which means that in addition to an adapter you will need to know if your appliances have dual functionality to increase or decrease to match the voltage for the area you’re visiting.
  3. Universal in scope. You don’t want to have to keep buying multiple adapters for every country you may want to go to. Thank God there are adapters that are universal, and I highly recommend this choice. This may be your only trip overseas, but chances are it won’t be, and just in the event that you do travel somewhere where you need it, it is better to buy the adapter once then to have to reinvest in a new one for every place you visit. Consider it a one time investment in your travel adventures.


Having considered these three things in making your purchase you are now ready to do your own research. However, if this information has helped you, and you would like to show your appreciation feel free to support my blog by buying the adapter you need right here.

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