Ready to go on some exotic vacation?  Got your ticket to fly and your room booked?  Have you considered every possible scenario and checked off every thing needed to pack?  Well let’s see.  Have you considered the dangers that await you just to get to your destination?  If you haven’t then I highly recommend you watch this video.  I will prepare you to disinfect your area through this Airplane Survival kit training guide.  Be ready within seconds to disinfect your seats, eating table, and your arm rest.  Find out about both the basic and premium kits that have been developed for your comfort.

Combating sickness requires repelling airborne bacteria, getting adequate non contaminated oxygen, and plenty of rest.  All of which will be challenged on a long flight where your body will go from one time zone to another and your circadian rhythm will be tested.  For that reason it is essential that you are able to suppress as much as possible the proliferation of contamination that you are exposed to and that is exactly what my kit will address.



Fill out the form below and I will contact you with paypal information to purchase your kit as soon as it is available.

This information has not been approved by the FDA and The Critique encourages everyone who purchases this product does so with the understanding of informed consent.  Meaning you have done your own personal research as to the efficacy of the products mentioned and understand that individual results may vary.



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