We have been conditioned to without question accept that America is better, and once upon a time that might have been the case, but at least in aviation and I suspect in many other areas we are definitely falling behind. On this trip to Israel I was able to first hand experience the difference.  Due to pricing we found the best rate with a Jordanian airline which has a in the country partnership with American Airline and in every area Royal Jordanian beat out American Airline. When managing my services online Royal Jordanian provided me with the ability to select services such as wheelchair assistance, select special meal needs, as well as choose seats. However, when using American Airlines from Dallas to New York or from Chicago to Dallas we were unable to choose seats, manage wheelchair needs and even worse was expected to pay extra for wheelchair services in the Dallas area.  Another added bonus to Royal Jordanian is we were allowed to carry two checked bags 50lbs each for no additional charge. That alone made the ticket worth it.

The Onboard Difference

crew8The staff of American Airlines was acceptable, but Royal Jordanian was exceptional.  Royal Jordanian’s staff was well dressed, and always professional which made it easy to determine who worked for the airline and who was a guest onboard.  A growing trend I have noticed in traveling within the states on many U.S. airline companies is the more casual approach to servicing customers.  You know what I mean, flight attendants making jokes, flirting, or just simply feeling relaxed enough to speak over the intercom and to their customers like they are friends or co-workers.  While for many this may be preferred, but in my opinion it is a slow simmering recipe that will lead to failure.  Because inevitably at some point you will cross the line once you stop maintaining professionalism.  Now, I will say my American Airline flight on this trip I didn’t witness this sort of behavior, but on many other flights with American fleets I have.  I have witnessed airline attendants and even pilots over the intercom speak in a way that you felt like you were on a Carnival cruise party ship, but there is a reason why people will pay more to cruise with Royal Caribbean.  Fortunately, neither airline made me feel like a second class citizen because I wasn’t in business class or first class seats. But Royal Jordanian made me feel like I was a business class customer even though I sat in economy seats.  American Airlines did provide more leg room in its coach class then Jordanian, but as far as cleanliness and appearance, Royal Jordanian was far better.   A class act to be sure that seriously sought to accommodate families needs, special needs, and personal needs.

Breakfast on Royal Jordanian

Food onboard,

is more difficult to judge since obviously shorter flights offer more limited services, but I will say the food quality onboard Royal Jordanian could have been better.  Quantity of food was very modest, variety of options limited to only two, and staff was not knowledgeable about food being provided. For instance when asked what type of fish they were serving on the dinner menu, the flight attendants response was fillet fish. This doesn’t tell me what kind of fish it is just that there would be no bones based on the cut.  Because my flight on American Airline was no more than two hours on both flights, meals were not provided, just the usual pretzel or peanut snack and a drink.

What I want my readers to take from this experience is if we allow our society induced biases to prevent us from stepping out of the box of “America is better” without testing it to see if that statement floats on water we can find ourselves paying for that way of thinking with more than our money.  Don’t get me wrong I am an American, born and raised on American soil in a State that was a part of the original thirteen colonies, but if we are ever going to improve our current position in society and the world, we are going to have to know where we are positioned.  We cannot afford to any longer judge our current status on our past accomplishments.  Bottomline is we are slipping, we are slipping as it relates to customer service, we are slipping as it relates to quality, and we are slipping as it relates to security.  If you are allowing fear of the unknown or the perceived political climate overseas to hinder you from stepping out and experiencing life amidst the borders we live in then you are doing yourself a disservice.  The same people who were concerned about my safety overseas watch the news everyday and see four times as much violence, devastation, and disaster within the very same borders that we both share.  Yet, an occasional terrorist attack or natural disaster in another country makes international news and we find ourselves paralyzed with fear to venture out, when the same attacks have infiltrated our borders and the same natural disasters have hit our homes.  Don’t let what might happen in life hinder you from exploring life outside your borders.  If lack of money is the problem, understandable, but don’t let fear be your excuse.  You work hard to acquire whatever quality of life that you have received and if you have the health and financial ability to explore this beautiful world our Creator has given us then you owe it to yourself to take the leap of faith and fly wherever the Lord will lead you.

If you would like to read more reviews, travel tips, and to be kept abreast of my upcoming documentary that will guide you through traveling as a native in the land of Israel and Palestine then follow my blog.  Full reviews, pictures, videos, and more will be added on the documentary such that I will be able to prepare you for travel from planning to landing in the land of Promise at prices you can afford and with information that will allow you to explore on your terms.

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