I am excited to say I have a relative of mines who is taking travel to a whole new level.  Her adventures with her family reminds me of Abraham who left the comforts and familiarity of home to venture out into a land to look for a city whose builder and maker is YHVH.  While I don’t think that was exactly what she had in mind when she put feet to her dream it does ring of that sentiment.  Too many of us play it safe in life and as a result end up compromising on our dreams and using our families, or our jobs as excuses to prevent us from using the courage that we have been given in whatever measure to venture off into unknown territories.  If you continue to wait for an opportune time for all of your ducks to be in a row you may wait too long.  Rebel heart travel is a blog about the journey of a family of five who sold their possessions to travel the world for six years.  It is exactly what I would want to do and I am so very glad that she and her family are chronicling their story for the rest of us to become inspired by.  I look forward to seeing exactly what YHVH will do with this story of adventure and hope that you will stay tuned for some good tips concerning what she did to do it and how things are going.

Her blog shares for those who are interested tips that any of us can do to plan for such an amazing trip and with the travel tips I have learned just for the few times a year we travel overseas I can definitely see how it is very much possible for a family to travel this way.




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