Magdala! A Tabernacle Adventure of First Century Proportions

In 2009 a Catholic Priest by the name of Juan Solana bought a plot of land much like an oasis between Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee, yet little did he know what treasures awaited him beneath the dirt. Fortunately, Israel requires excavation from the Department of Antiquities before building on any of their land can commence. So, as a result, the first dig struck historical gold that increased the value of this property. What seemed like lemons at first became lemonade though it delayed his plans to build a guesthouse for pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. Now only ten years later the grand opening of his guesthouse, which has developed into a nice hotel has become the home of a First Century Synagogue and village with Mikvah (baptismal) bathing houses.

This Tabernacles in 2019 after three years of traveling to Israel and our second trip to Tiberias we would behold this awesome wonder and find ourselves blessed once again in the land that flows with milk and honey. I cannot put into words the experience of touching the ground that I know in my heart my Messiah walked on. How many countless scriptures came to mind surrounding this woman of Magdala in her experiences with him, her consistent faith to stand by him both in life and death. Her life of gratitude towards him for delivering her from the demons that tormented her.


Realizing that this story is not just the story of Mary but more importantly the story of my Messiah and his interaction with those like her, those who would have been apart of this very community. One can only imagine what part this location played in the gospel message and to think this treasure would have remained hidden had it not been for a requirement of Israeli law by the Department of Antiquities to dig first.


Now it is a first-century treasure that we today can experience and connect the faith we have today with the roots of its past. Only YHVH can do that and I encourage you if you find yourself in Tiberias for a day or two to make the journey to tour Magdala village and reflect on the goodness of our Messiah to allow us to take part in His amazing journey. Simply another marvelous example that we share a rich history with the Jews that has yet to be fully explored.

For more information on Magdala click here.

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