Airport Shuttle star-152151_640star-152151_640star-152151_640star-152151_640star-152151_640
Room Cleanliness star-152151_640star-152151_640star-152151_640star-152151_640
Lobby Presentation star-152151_640star-152151_640
Entertainment star-152151_640
Food n/a
Maintenance star-152151_640star-152151_640
Safety star-152151_640star-152151_640
Overall star-152151_640star-152151_640

Lobby Presentation – I have to admit it looked a lot outdated and somewhat scary.  In fact I thought this was another hotel when I booked it, but after seeing it in person, the hotel I mistook it for would be offended.  The lobby looked very uninviting and the hallways were scary.

Room Cleanliness – The sheets were clean, but the couch looked like it had seen better days.  The walls had stains on them and the floor carpet had stains and had patches where it appeared to have been repatched or something.

Entertainment – Was horrible the one or two stations that they offered were snowy, and though a channel said Directtv it was obvious they couldn’t have paid the bill.

Maintenance – There was a leak from the ceiling over the sink, the heat didn’t work so the room was cold and drafty.  Also, there was water around the base of the toilet.

Safety – I would not recommend this place for solo travelers.  I heard a sound like someone was trying to come into the room.  I had to yell at them, the door thankfully had a safety hook because I don’t think the lock alone would have held anyone down.

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