Airport Shuttle star-152151_640
Room Cleanliness star-152151_640star-152151_640star-152151_640star-152151_640star-152151_640
Lobby Presentation star-152151_640star-152151_640star-152151_640star-152151_640star-152151_640
Entertainment star-152151_640star-152151_640star-152151_640star-152151_640
Food star-152151_640
Maintenance star-152151_640star-152151_640star-152151_640
Safety star-152151_640star-152151_640star-152151_640star-152151_640star-152151_640
Overall star-152151_640star-152151_640star-152151_640star-152151_640

Details on Ratings

I know I don’t like to just receive stars, but understanding what I rated them on will help you make your final decision.

Airport Shuttle – Reggie our driver did a great job of saving face, but the ball dropped at the one on the other end of the phone when I was waiting to be picked up.  I waited for 2 hours due to being given misinformation, to begin with, and found out from the driver that he had the wrong telephone number despite me repeating it more than once.  Issue number two was after calling twice, the third time I called he didn’t answer at all.  At this point I was coming close to just getting an Uber to take me there, and as you can imagine quite livid.

Entertainment – Had fair amount of channels to choose from, and they did have an exercise room.  Although I must admit 24-hour fitness would have been nice.  Fitness room closed at 10pm, but decent size room to work out in with a variety of choices.

Maintenance – Room had no maintenance issues but working ice machine only found on one floor, Also had elevator out of service.

Safety – At no time did I feel unsafe there and would definitely stay again as a solo traveler.

Overall – The room was fabulous, the hallway was scary as though it was going through renovation and I was caught in between, but the lobby was updated and attractive.   Priced below services and quality of the room, excellent value.



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