So currently my husband has this sweet schedule which gives us four days in a row off.  I am sure you can guess what we decided to do (if you need a hint look at the title).  So we chose Lafayette because our son lives there.  So I used Priceline on the fly to secure a sweet deal and used their Express deal so that I could get a 4-star hotel accommodation to stay in an area I don’t know.  I have noticed a recent trend where Airbnb I suppose with its popularity is becoming a little out of price range and so we have many trips where we are going back to the good and ole faithful hotel accommodations.  I stayed at another Wyndham before in Dallas, TX if you recall, if you do not then you can find it here.  But I am finding a general pattern beginning to form with these facilities, and we will go into details shortly.

I prefer to start on the good foot, and I will start with the staff.  Everyone was kind, and courteous even amid computer glitches.  The lobby is decent enough and the outside is very well put together, in fact, looks better than the pictures online suggested.  The entertainment selection was pretty good although the guide was a little misleading as some channels that showed up in the guide with movies showing were not actually available to view.  Not sure why but, aye, and we are not talking premium channels like HBO but what comes with your typical basic television service like BET.

Apparently, Wyndham is a part of some resort program (although) as of yet none of the properties I have visited seemed like a resort.  Like Hilton, the staff when you call by phone after answering your question is quick to solicit you to listen to a sales pitch to join their family of vacation travels, and you can get a free 4-night stay if you will just give up 2 hours of your life to hear a presentation.  You know the drill, and I already know we aren’t going to do that so I usually just decline, I must admit the guy was not as pushy as the rep I had with Hilton.  I literally had to hang up on him because he wasn’t understanding, I wasn’t interested in the options he had available.  Of course, unique to Wyndham is just for listening for the 5 minutes I let the guy speak I was supposed to get a $25.00 credit towards my next stay, I guess we will see if that materializes.

The room was clean, the bed was comfortable, and the a/c and heat worked.  The rooms were pleasantly spacious, but the furniture was a bit outdated, but they did very well with keeping it up.  The hallway, elevator, and poolside was a different story.  The hallways were a little scary looking, the elevators were dirty, squealed, and were super slow.  The pool was green and I found out later they are winterizing so draining it to restore it for the summer.  It was evident that common areas didn’t get much attention, and like the other Wyndham in Dallas the ice machines were out of order.  This time I had to go to the front desk to get a bag of ice.  Nevertheless, I have seen much worse for the price we paid ($50.76 that is including taxes).  I wouldn’t consider this a 4-star hotel my review at best would be a 3 star with the potential to be 4-star with some maintenance, and upkeep.

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