Seashells Millenium Hotel Review in Dar Es Salaam

Highly Recommended

Only minutes away from Coco Beach on the Indian Ocean, walking distance from the African village and enclosed within a mall Seashell Millennium Hotel is strategically located. Close to open market outdoor shops, minutes from Mlimani Mall, and also not far from the National Health laboratory where you will need to get your Covid-19 test to return from your trip. While it is a ways from the airport it is in the city of Dar.

The staff is attentive, kind, and inviting, from the moment you get there, meeting your needs is the central focus of their service, and the staff quickly becomes like family.  The amenities are 5 stars all the way, food selections abound whether you want American, Indian, African, Italian, or seafood.  Dining in or eating in your room you still get the same great service.  Whatever you have a taste for it can be found in the menu. My personal favorites are the fries, rice, vegetables, and bbq wings. 

Accommodations include breakfast, and the rooms are spacious. We stayed in the executive suite, which includes two bedrooms, a living room, with marble L-shaped marble bar, large bathroom with clawfoot tub huge shower and modern sink. No balcony but wall to wall Windows allows you to enjoy the city from within. 

Outside our room awaited a beautiful restaurant and bar area, an outdoor pool overlooking the Sky Tower, a Tiki bar next to pool and an exercise room, with EVERYTHING OPEN! Tanzania is a beautiful country available to explore. This place was $47 a night and in both quality and economy it exceeds the standards and gain a 5 star in my book.

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