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Rom 1:20  For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

Doing a Safari in Tanzania was a researched dream that felt unattainable the more I begin to look into the options so when I found out about Meshullam Tour Company I was ecstatic to find a company that could provide me a quality experience at a price I could afford. When searching online many of the best options came at a price tag that surpassed the cost of our flight to Tanzania combined and it just simply was not something I imagined I would be able to do.

After researching the options between group tours and private tours it was clear that if you were going to have to pay in the hundreds, and more often than not thousands either way it only made since to have the once in a lifetime experience be all that you wanted it to be. Having to concern yourself with Covid-19 meant you didn’t really want to be in a group tour sitting shoulder to shoulder with strangers, nor did you want to feel like you were slowing down the group to take captivating shots of wildlife. Basically the group tour option wasn’t appealing, but I am a true believer that when you delight yourself in the Lord He does give you the desires of your heart. So when I found out about Meshullam Tours offering a private tour to multiple Safari’s and was able to do some on a one day tour at a price we could afford I jumped on it. Meshullam is registered with the country of Tanzania as an organized Tour company, he is local to Tanzania so your funds support those who are indigenous to the land, and as such he has local tour guides who speak English well and know the area.

I knew we were in good hands. Immanuel was on time and was very sensitive to helping us meet our goals. He was very knowledgeable about the area and very engaging in conversation. He never rushed us, and would actively scout out for us to find wild game and would patiently wait as we would allow ourselves to become engaged in what is truly an amazing experience. If you ever wake up in Africa, and specifically Tanzania and you are able to get over to Arusha the Gateway to the National Game Reserves and decide that you want to do a Safari, city tour, or Mountain Hike then Meshullam Tours is the one to call.

The Ngorongoro Crater is truly a wonder to behold, every inch of the area is an adventure unfolding and you see all sorts of amazing things, from domestic animals like cows and goats, to exotic animals from the slender gentile Giraffe, the playful babboons, to the at peace in the surroundings Lions. All sorts of animals all comfortable in their space and not only animals but you can also see the Maasai people who have their homes and herd their animals within this Crater. The wonders to behold are endless and the experience is unforgettable. We enjoyed a full day that surpasses the zoo experience bar none.

Things to Know! When I looked online from the U.S. I noticed it was very difficult to find people who took credit cards most required wiring cash, I got to admit I was suspect until I begin to understand the limitations of digital currency for international exchange, at least in Tanzania, but upon research noticed this was a problem in other countries in Africa as well. In Tanzania Paypal doesn’t have credit card services and the limited services that are available charge a high premium to convert money, that unfortunately means as a consumer your cost increase. While I am not usually an advocate of carrying large amounts of cash, if you can pay cash, either U.S. or Tanzanian currency you may be able to get a much better price. Unfortunately, at the time that I went Meshullam Tours didn’t have online payment methods and currently still does not, but even if they get it the cost of the transaction fees would be felt through the increase in the cost of the tour. Which means cash would probably lead to great savings.

When I say the drivers devote an entire day to working with you I mean they earn their money and then some. When I understood the amount of time in driving to get to the Crater, another our once you get in it to get to the heart of it, then about two or three hours touring it, and another 4 hours to return you to your hotel, it’s dark by the time you return. That being said it is only just that the money should go to the people who are actually doing the work not to transaction fees, so if you can work out a deal on a tour before you come to Tanzania you can be ready to pay cash in hand!

Tanzania is home to the most amazing natural game reserves and it would be a mistake to miss this opportunity if it is economically possible to do so. Whether you can do a one day, three day or eight day experience it is well worth seeing and if quality and budget are important to you then Meshulam Tours can provide you with both competitive prices with professional service. Call today, plan ahead, pay in advance to lock in an unbeatable rate.

To schedule your Tour you can contact Meshullam Tours direct

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