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The past three years I have traveled to Israel and Japan with every flight being well under $1000 roundtrip and several under $500.  I am a beast when it comes to researching and finding creative ways to stay within my budget and I am ready to put these skills to work for you. My travel blog is designed to give you all the tips and reviews you need to make sound decisions and I share my international resources that makes traveling easy.  There is no detail left out from what to pack to how to dress, travel news and reviews from an eye witness source.

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Heard enough and you have decided its time to book a dream vacation?  Then fill out our booking bid form, this is the first step to starting the hunt for your next amazing vacation.  If I can’t find a vacation for you within your budget then your booking fee is refunded to you or can be applied to a trip on a later date. While the form is fairly easy and intuitive it is lengthy and for those who would like a step by step tutorial and how to fill it out I created this detailed video.