Book A Trip

So let me answer all the upfront questions one my have when considering booking a travel agent to handle the details of your trip and go a step further.  First things first,

Why Book With Me?

So glad you asked this very important question.  Let me answer you.  Of course you could scour the internet and spend lots of time, if you have it and perhaps money trying to find the best deals on the internet.  I am living proof that it can be done, because that is what I do.  That is how I find international trips for less then it would cost you to go from Louisiana to Columbia, South Carolina.  However, ask yourself after you have secured the very high costing flight that you have been saving up for, what about parking, insurance, accommodations, transportation in the land and from the Airport to your hotel?  Every detail becomes tedious, and draining, of your time, talent, and most certainly your treasury.  If you ever spent $2000 just for airline tickets to Israel then you may find my $50.00 fee to get the same ticket for less then $1000 and perhaps less then $500 a worthwhile investment.  Doing it yourself is possible, but not easy.  I meet people everyday who when I tell them what we paid to go to Israel living in the backwoods of Louisiana would ask me if I would “hook them up” and the reality is that is what my website is here to do.  Join, become a member and reap the rewards of viewing my how to videos, and read my articles sharing step by step tips and giving you reviews of not just how to travel but spots to check out.  This is my response to those who require my services because the reality is when you have to do it yourself you begin to realize how much time it takes to secure the best priced ticket and all the details that must be considered in putting together a full itinerary from there.  Trust me what I do is deeply discounted already and I simply would not be a good steward of the time God has given me on this earth if I provided my services to everyone I meet for free.

My form is probably the most comprehensive form you will find on the internet for securing your travel vacation.  The reason why is because if you ever shopped Priceline and stayed or booked a ticket that wasn’t exactly what you bargained for then you probably wished they would have asked you a few more questions to avoid the mistake.  Because I have had to develop itineraries for every trip I have taken abroad and have had to make all the connections between flights even separately booked flights to combine together I can get you some fabulous deals but having the flexibility to know what you are and are not willing to go through to get it is great.  Also you have the security of knowing that if I can’t find you your trip you can get your booking fee returned to you, or can apply it towards a future trip.  I can’t always guarantee that I can get you tickets within your budget.  I don’t make the prices I just find the best priced tickets.  However, if you use my program properly then I can say that if I cannot find you a deal within your reasonable budget then you can get your money back.  Budgets that are not reasonable to begin with will automatically be rejected back to you with money returned.  I don’t have time to waste and neither do you so I’m not even going to waste my time or yours looking for a trip to Paris for $50.  However, the beauty of my form is that with all mandatory fields filled out then I can secure your ticket for you and send you your itinerary in the mail.

  • Inclusive budgeting: My budget provides you the opportunity to add airport parking, car rental, insurance, and even accommodations in your budget.  Now obviously the more we do for you the larger your budget needs to be, but believe me when I tell you we have traveled to Israel multiple times and I have been able to acquire all of the above mentioned items for less then $1000 per person.  That’s right roundtrip tickets, accommodations, insurance, and airport parking reservations all for under $1,000.00 per person.
  • Flexible traveling options: travel your way, on your day.  Our al a carte service allows you to pick the services you need and avoid the ones you don’t.
  • Full itinerary sent to your mailbox or cellphone.  You get to not only choose how you travel, but how you are notified about your travel.  I can send you your itinerary and all your booking information including added options reservations directly to your phone or email.
  • Optional Services:  Got a trip with an extended layover?  This lemon situation can become lemonade.  We have been able to easily squeeze 2 trips in 1 by taking advantage of long layovers by leaving the airport and seeing the sites, touring our way and at under the radar tourist prices.  For an additional fee we can create an optional itinerary that will give you all the tools you need as well as a fee breakdown for visiting places during your extended layovers.  Find out where you can eat, how to get to the places you want to see, and what it will cot you to get there from the airport, as well as the approximate time it will take to do it all.

How to get started?

Booking with me is as easy as 1…2…3

  1. Submit your booking bid.

So, I don’t start the process until the form is complete and payment is made.  Once your budget and requirements have been approved then I am on the hunt for your dream vacation.  DO NOT FILL OUT THE FORM IF YOU ARE NOT READY TO FLY!  I do not return money on booked trips, be very careful to fill out any specifications that are important to you.  If there is an airline you refuse to fly with make that known upfront, because once the ticket is purchased it is yours!!  Once your bid is accepted and I begin the process of searching for your trip the only thing you have to do is sit back and wait.  When your trip has been located you will first receive a notification stating that your trip has been booked and its time to pack your bags.  The second notification will be an itinerary form that will include all relevant reservation numbers, ticket numbers, along with description, including dates, times, and locations, and cost for each item.  The final total will include what the total price spent included.

2. Wait for acceptance of your request

Once you submit your bid (request), wait to receive an acceptance or rejection letter within 48 business hours.  If you receive an acceptance letter you will receive a payment request.  VERY IMPORTANT:  I do nothing concerning your request until payment is received!!  If you receive a rejection letter you will be given a reason why your bid was rejected.  In most cases it will be because your budget was not realistic based on your request.  In which case I will request that you make specific changes in order to improve your chances of acceptance.  Acceptance of your request doesn’t guarantee that you will receive your vacation.  I cannot predict what the prices will be for the timeframe you are requesting services, for that reason if I cannot find you something within your budget then you will be given an option to retrieve a full refund or you will be given an option to keep it in the treasury.  This means that you can save your payment to apply to another booking bid.

3.  Submit Booking Fee

Your acceptance letter will come complete with an invoice number and a final cost.  Remember the cost for the first person is $50.00 and $25.00 for every additional person will be required.  If there are any other additional services that have separate booking fees attached to them they will be reflected in your invoice, along with any other fees required for booking your vacation.  Once complete the journey begins.