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Travel Africa Tuesday

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Traveling Tuesday for me is like being a kid in the candy store. I don’t know what exciting excursion to think about and which one to get. When you love traveling this much you can’t help but want to share it with others. Our cousin just sent some fabulous pictures from Morocco and going to Africa has been on my must hit list since I got bit by the travel bug and begin to do my own research on the beauty and richness this culture has to offer. Unlike America which is broken into basically only three countries. Africa consists of over 50 and each country and people group are unique in their cultural distinction. Having said all of they how precipitous is it that I can fly from the very place I am this moment to Morocco for only $489 or fly a little closer to home for only $533?

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So why stop at one country when you can go to, two African countries for the price of one. I’m always looking for two for ones, buy one get ones, and two countries in Africa for one is right on time. Don’t sleep on Africa it is indeed becoming the tourist hotspot, a sleeping giant in the making, and I for one can’t wait to see what they have to offer and at these prices why not.

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Will be posting reviews of trip to Barcelona soon. So stay connected..


9/11 Travel Tuesday Deal

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9/11/01 will always go down in history as a day that the armour of the United States of America was pierced.  We experienced an act that we had never experienced before in our history, it stung, it hurt us, but it didn’t break us.  However, it is important for us to recognize that if we are going to change the world we need to first know the world we are a part of, and I can’t think of a better way to experience the world then to visit other places.

It’s time to do something different.  To see travel as a new way to make a mark on the world, not just so that you can better understand other places, but also so that other places can see something different about us.  We are not what you see on late night t.v., and for many of us there is much depth to our personality and our lives that have yet to be explored and experienced.  In fact my hearts desire is to see missions take on a whole new look.  Families traveling as agents of the Most High sharing the good news of the Gospel that not only has made a difference in making America great, but has a worldwide power to save whosoever will believe on Him.

Life is about so much more then the things that we possess and investing in travel is a much better gift to give then in a video game that will lose its value, or a doll that will get old.  If we would value experiences the way we do things we would be able to make a real difference in the world around us.  So I encourage you to travel, see the world, experience life outside the box of your state, and your country, and for this price starting with Ireland is not a bad choice!

We cannot allow the demonic plans of the enemy to hinder our thirst for adventure.  Life is short and people are leaving this life having not fulfilled their purpose or completed those things that were in their heart to do.  Let not another day hinder you from experiencing life, and if it is within your heart and within your means to travel, stop making excuses and go see the world. Cover two countries for $317, a good start to seeing how the world works.  Experience the Northern Star just before you tour the historic city of Dublin.

capture+_2018-09-11-10-59-00-1015324800..pngNeed help finding this deal? Fill out my booking bid and secure your travel plans today.  For only $50 you can book a solo adventure or invite a friend and I’ll book you both for only $75, and get your two trips in one.  Remember travel deal travel dates kick off in January so bring in the New Year with a resolution you will be able to keep!!  #traveliceland, #travelireland

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This Week Tropical Travel Tuesday

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capture+_2018-08-21-12-24-37-909173591..pngHere we go on another advent of a fabulous traveling deal, its time to pack your bags and enjoy some Mai Tai’s in Hawaii.  It’s hard to believe a state so beautiful and exotic is considered domestic travel.  So glad they were added to the Union.  Well this week you can enjoy the tropical breeze and escape the merciless humid air of Houston for only $353.  This is a definite steal of a deal you don’t want to miss.


Ready to go International?  Don’t fret this week we have a double feature as you don’t have to choose between Amsterdam and Iceland when you can have them both for less then a trip to Hawaii.  That’s right enjoy the more brisk air of Iceland and the bike trails of Amsterdam for less then a trip to Hawaii.  Sometimes choosing can be very difficult but at these prices and with these dates you don’t have to choose pick them both.  Have something to look forward to in September and again in February.



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Tuesday Travel Deals

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Domestic Travel Deals

Travel to and from select cities in the U.S. for only $15 each way. Travel times are between August and October.

International Deals

Visit multiple countries In Europe, from multiple cities in the US starting at $408. The hardest thing about this deal is narrowing down what county to visit. For those who don’t live in one of the chosen departing cities consider making it a two for one. Take a flight or train near you to the departure city a few days earlier. Plan to visit some sights my favorite are sky scrapers where you can take in view of the whole city, and African American museums, preferably underground railroads equipped with knowledgeable curators. While the interactive technological locations are entertaining, it doesn’t compare to the wealth of knowledge or value you get from someone who intimately or are personally aware of the history of the location.

So should you leave from Tulsa, Oklahoma be sure to stroll down Black Wallstreet, but before you go check out YouTube videos which gives the history behind it, like this one.

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Early August Travel Deals Domestic & Abroad

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Find out if there is more than WKRP in Cincinnati, Oh with this deal from Dallas, Tx. Fly out on the next frontier anytime starting August 14 through October 2.

Got a little vacation time to see something over yonder? Travel to the city in the sky from Boston to Dubai. Dubai has become a must see exotic place and for $588 roundtrip it can be your pie in the sky destination. Travel in style with Turkish Airlines my personal top 5 pic of airlines for its professionalism and amenities. Travel dates starting in September.

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Travel deals above can be found at Airfare Watchdog and Secret Flying websites.

Get The Roundtrip $411 on the Netherlands this Winter

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I became interested in the Netherlands after studying about the Dementia Village in Hogewey, just outside Amsterdam. If you follow my blog Transformation Lifestyle then you are familiar with my research and my personal experience with this mind robbing disease. This village is making some pioneering moves which I would like to go over and study. So imagine my excitement when researching this Tuesdays deal that I found these roundtrip tickets from East and West coast cities for only $411 roundtrip. Timing for me to go isn’t good but perhaps for you this could be a deal of a lifetime. Join T C Travel Club for more details on this and other deals.

Not Too late to pack your bags for Israel $548 is the going rate!

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With flexible scheduling you can travel Israel this Fall (for Tabernacles) or next spring roundtrip for $548.  You heard me right, $548!  A bold red hot deal like this one needs to stand out and I hope that you heard me loud and clear.  I wouldn’t want you missing out on this type of deal on a technicality.   Join us or travel separate to the Holy Land. Learn how to travel Israel/Palestine for a fraction of the cost, using public transportation and savvy accommodations. If you’re ready to travel Israel your well on your way then this could be the trip for you.  Click here to submit your bid for Tabernacle 2018 and I will do my best to get you a hot deal to the Holy City.  Travel this Tabernacles and find out how we get around in the Promise Land.  Look forward to seeing you soon.

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