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Froride: For Traveling Like An American In Israel

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This has revolutionized my trips to Israel and is well worth every penny if you don’t want to find yourself stranded in a foreign land where English is not the first language.  The potential disadvantage of not having a prearranged tour package to Israel is thwarted by this little device that makes communication at home so easy.  Let’s face it everything and everyone communicate via cellphone and while renting a car to travel the land is doable a phone is a lot more affordable and will allow you to go beyond the Israeli/Palestinian borders to explore the Holy Land in its entirety.

Having a phone in Israel allows for you to arrange transportation when it is convenient for you, not on a pre-scheduled format.  It also allows for you to get current up-to-date news which could require you to have to change your plans for the day.  No different then it is in the U.S. if there is an accident on the Highway you don’t want to use up a vacation day sitting in traffic, or if there are major closes in the city then access to wifi will give you access to what’s new in Israel.

Gett Taxi is a service similar to Uber and Lyft and when you are in Israeli territory a very useful taxi service that allows you to arrange taxi service in advance.  However, fortunately if you want to save a few more pennies then public transportation is usually available unless you like to travel late at night.  Wifi in Jerusalem is usually available at least on Jaffa St.  but other places it can be skippy and although the buses promote WiFi usage I have found that to be unreliable in several occasions and when you are on a bus where the majority of the people on it don’t speak English this is not a time where you want to be without cellular service.

Arranging last minute sleeping arrangements:  Its also a nice feature when traveling by bus.  Sometimes because of public transportation, and the distance from Southern to Northern Israel it is more convenient to rent an apartment that can be your home base in Bethlehem and carry an overnight bag to stay in another distant area in Israel or Palestine.  This is especially true when traveling by bus for a number of reasons, one your travel can take a considerable chunk out of your day which means you may not see what you wanted to see the day you get there, secondly buses don’t travel to and fro all day unless you’re talking about within areas in Tel Aviv and the like.  The more remote the less frequent the bus or train stops which means that you could miss the last bus or train out.  With a phone this is not a problem within minutes you can find an airbnb, or a hotel and secure an overnight stay at a fraction of what you will pay as a walk-in.  Shopping around always has its perks.

So you can imagine how excited we were when we found out about froride a service that you can purchase from the U.S. that allows you to reserve a phone and pick up directly from the airport.  You just choose what you want online using their very simple program, provide them with your flight number and arrival time and they email you information as to where to go to meet them.  There they will be with phone in hand and ready to go.  If you feel confident that your phone can use an international simcard and function well then save yourself even more money by purchasing an international sim card.  We personally have always used the cell phone, although you can try the card once you get there we have found that should they run out of phones when you arrive and the simcard doesn’t work then you are out of communication while in the land and this can make maneuvering the land very difficult.  Last minute phone finding just doesn’t sound like a good idea, not to mention you run the risk of paying more money simply because well you need the supply which increases the demand and in the wash this scenario never works out in the best interest of the savvy traveler.  Thus my advice is unless you are 100% sure your phone will work with a sim card that you get the phone.  Another very helpful feature of the phone is apparently in Israel calling the U.S. is much cheaper then it is for us to call from here and as such calling the States or Canada comes with any phone you borrow.  The battery on these phones are amazing I can literally go a day and a half without charging no matter how much I use it, and trust me I use it a lot traveling the way we do.

So if you are planning a trip in Israel I HIGHLY recommend investing in renting this phone, its simple, easy, and well worth every penny when traveling as a native.  Click here to reserve your phone today!

FYI, they also offer other services as well so if you absolutely insist on renting a vehicle you may find their rates to be more competitive for your navigation device.  Also, they offer mobile hotspots this also is a viable option for those who would prefer to use their own cellular phone and service plan.  Having mobile date means you can communicate with Whats app, facebook, and other social media apps to stay connected.  If your accommodations are through Airbnb this is also a useful way to stay connected with your host family.  However, my personal preference is the phone simply because even if mobile data doesn’t work for some reason you still can have phone access.  If your phone doesn’t work in some places or for some reason you can’t get service everywhere the phone although it too can fail you it is still usually much more reliable in the long run.

Unfortunately, Froride is currently only available in Israel so if you are traveling anywhere else and find yourself in need of reliable cellular service then you’ll have to do your research.  If you should find some other services comparable in other countries please write a comment I will definitely check it out and would love to add it to my resources for others as well as for my own use.




5 Must Have Carry On Items for Your Plane Trip

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So you have already booked your flight, researched the places you want to see, and chosen the places you will stay when the plane touches the ground. You have purchased all of your tourist essentials from camera’s to foot gear. Everything you could possibly consider to do you have done, or have you? Have you thought about what you would experience at the airport? How a few hours on a plane can drastically impact the quality of the trip you will take? If you haven’t you are not alone most people don’t consider the dangers they face just to get to their vacation location. Well, let me share with you 5 must have carry on’s for your airplane trip.

Imagine being in a fortress completely confined like an oven on every side. Sealed tight and encapsulated. Now imagine that you are confined in that space with at least 150 other people from different places in the world, exposed to different things around the world. Then imagine sitting in seats and using tables, and grasping for magazines and flyers that have been handled by countless others without being sterilized or washed down. Finally, in this space you will sit with one hundred or more other people for a minimum of 2 to as much as 10 or 12 hours. Every sneeze, cough, wheeze, and runny nose all around you, is this not a breeding ground for disease? This is the environment you enter every time you board a plane. I don’t tell you this to scare you, but rather to prepare you. These must haves will not only address the health risk to compromised immune systems through airborne bacteria, but also to sitting in cramped quarters with limited mobility.

You paid a lot of money to get to where you are going, and what a shame it would be for you to get to your destination and have to spend even one minute of that time in urgent care in a foreign land. Staying well is possible, but requires that you are intentional in your planning. Most of the time when we plan a trip we only think about preparing for the mishaps that can occur once we get somewhere and sometimes we don’t even think about that. Sometimes we just plan all the cool things we want to see or do, but give very little thought to the dangers we must first go through before we get to that destination. These 5 must have’s will address what you can do to make your flight comfortable, and help you be ready to run once you get off. So buckle up and prepare for the ride.


First Defense Nasal Screen – It doesn’t hurt to hit airborne disease in more than one way. For that reason I would also recommend using these while in airports, but especially while on a plane.   Lasting for up to 24 hours with a 99% efficiency rate this will be a real blessing to have to keep you from being unnecessarily susceptible to that passenger beside, in front or behind you that has a hacking cough or a sick kid that doesn’t cover their mouth. If you are that person with a compromised immune system then being in a closed space spells D-A-N-G-E-R. First Defense Nasal Screen was created upon the premise that sickness is received through what you breathe. Therefore, if you can keep sickness from entering your nose you can keep from getting sick. This combined with a few other helpful suggestions on this website will make you more secure on your trip.

With approximately 90% of the air we breathe going through the nose and with up to a 99% efficiency rate everyone now has an alternative to breathing in these contaminants, allowing for a healthier and happier life. First Defense Nasal Screens can be worn for up to 24 hours and are self-cleaning so they will not clog and seal 100% of the nasal passage, so the compliance rate has shown to be over 77% versus the less than 30% that the dust mask has shown.


Ear planes – Available locally, these noise cancelling ear plugs are a useful way to avoid the uncomfortable and painful ear popping that occurs due to airplane noise. The longer the trip, the greater the possibility that this discomfort can haunt you during the first few days. Thankfully this prospect can be avoided by just simply purchasing these ear plugs uniquely designed to protect your ears, while allowing you to still hear the things that you would like to hear. Hypoallergenic, reasonable in price, and compact makes for easy storage as well as usage.


DVT Socks – While having a cold is annoying more dangerous is DVT, which can lead to blood clots, and possibly death. If you are traveling overseas this can be a very serious concern to consider. While DVT socks represent one such way to potentially avoid DVT, I would encourage you to engage in various leg and foot stretches while seated and every two hours make a point of getting up from your seat even when nature doesn’t’ call you to move around. Click here to find a list of different options for DVT Sock purchases. FYI, Research have shown that those who sit in window seats are more proned to getting DVT, simply because the inconvenience of disturbing the person on the aisle seat prohibits passengers from moving.   Don’t let this be a concern, remember your health is at stake so don’t let consistent movement stop you. Besides if you share this video with your travel partner or the information with the stranger sitting next to you, perhaps you can synchronize your stretches together. Which will avoid the awkwardness of having to climb over them.


Deep Vein Thrombosis – deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a serious condition that occurs when a blood clot forms in a vein located deep inside your body.


Travel Pillow – On an 8+ hour flight it is inevitable that you will at some point take a nap. If you are traveling with your significant other and no one is in a chair on the other side of you then having a pillow may not be as essential. However, in the event you find yourself in a different situation where you may have a stranger beside you then you will want to have a pillow that may help contain your head from wandering on strange shoulders. Of course regardless being comfortable while you sleep on a trip like this is very important. Avoiding jetlag or at the least minimizing it is worth a reasonable expense and carryon space. Top Pick Travel pillows will be provided in the article on my website.


Eye gear – Now that we have covered your neck, your legs, your nose, and your ears, it’s time to give some consideration for your eyes. Depending on when you travel you may find yourself only having the time you have in flight to rest. The distraction of people around you may stop you from getting that quality sleep you need. Having eye gear can help provide that peaceful environment that aids in getting sufficient rest. These should be relatively inexpensive to find, and combined with Young Living Essential Oils such as peace and calming, frankincense, or lavender you can easily wind down to get yourself that much needed rest.


If this was helpful be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos.  If you are catching me on youtube then be sure to subscribe to my travel channel where I will also be adding more travel friendly videos to help you have an enjoyable vacation. If you are interested in more information about any products mentioned you will find the link to my blog where I will post these products for you to view. Thanks for listening and May YHVH bless you and keep you, make His face to shine upon you, and grant you His peace as you travel.   Happy Flying!

Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite This Holiday

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Most people have been affected by the bed bug epidemic and unfortunately these critters knows no bounds. Whether it’s an airplane blanket or a hotel bed.  This natural ingredient can keep the little varments at bay from feasting on your flesh.  Sprinkle this on your bed and brush on sheets and especially comforters that rarely get washed.  Be sure to follow for more helpful tips on travelling.  Will soon do video on helpful and not so helpful apps for travelling.

15 Traveling Essential Oils

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These are actually 13 oils and not fifteen.  Three of my traveling oils should be carried with you on the plane.  Join my The Critique Travel channel on YouTube on more videos on staying healthy while you’re away. Hope you enjoy.

Airplane Survival Kit

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Ready to go on some exotic vacation?  Got your ticket to fly and your room booked?  Have you considered every possible scenario and checked off every thing needed to pack?  Well let’s see.  Have you considered the dangers that await you just to get to your destination?  If you haven’t then I highly recommend you watch this video.  I will prepare you to disinfect your area through this Airplane Survival kit training guide.  Be ready within seconds to disinfect your seats, eating table, and your arm rest.  Find out about both the basic and premium kits that have been developed for your comfort.

Combating sickness requires repelling airborne bacteria, getting adequate non contaminated oxygen, and plenty of rest.  All of which will be challenged on a long flight where your body will go from one time zone to another and your circadian rhythm will be tested.  For that reason it is essential that you are able to suppress as much as possible the proliferation of contamination that you are exposed to and that is exactly what my kit will address.



Fill out the form below and I will contact you with paypal information to purchase your kit as soon as it is available.

This information has not been approved by the FDA and The Critique encourages everyone who purchases this product does so with the understanding of informed consent.  Meaning you have done your own personal research as to the efficacy of the products mentioned and understand that individual results may vary.



Staying Connected While Traveling

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On a long list of things to consider while leaving the country, if you are a computer based business, then add an adapter to your list of must have’s. Thinking that this process of finding what I need would be easy, I discovered that where you are going is important and certain countries have their own unique system working. However, to make this process as easy to follow as I possibly can I will provide you with what I believe are three inquiries you need to consider when determining what type of adapter you need to purchase.

  1. Make a list of all of the appliances you plan to bring. This is important because this will let you know how many adapters you will need to have. After scouring the internet reading reviews and considering my own personal needs combined with that of my spouse, there were 3 Reasons I Chose Bestek Travel Voltage Converter as my top pick choice. If you are not a lone traveler then you can consider that your usage will be doubled. So having a voltage converter that is multifaceted is your best option. Let’s face it as Americans we are energy hogs, we do not want to have to wait to charge our phone while using our laptop, and on top of that we must make sure our tablet’s and ipads are ready to go as well. Let’s not forget our hair appliances and for our nutrition buffs our Nutribullets. Bottom line you will need to still know what all you are bringing so that you can access how many adapters you need, along with any other details that will be necessary to determine the best adapter for your appliances. I made the mistake of thinking the adapter was the only issue, but the adapter only makes your product fit into the outlet, it doesn’t make your voltage usage equal.voltage-label
  2. Find out what the voltage and Hz rate is for the country you are visiting, and make sure you know the voltage on the appliances you plan to bring. This is extremely important my research has used enough capital letters to identify that this is important enough for me to pass that information to you. Which means that in addition to an adapter you will need to know if your appliances have dual functionality to increase or decrease to match the voltage for the area you’re visiting.
  3. Universal in scope. You don’t want to have to keep buying multiple adapters for every country you may want to go to. Thank God there are adapters that are universal, and I highly recommend this choice. This may be your only trip overseas, but chances are it won’t be, and just in the event that you do travel somewhere where you need it, it is better to buy the adapter once then to have to reinvest in a new one for every place you visit. Consider it a one time investment in your travel adventures.


Having considered these three things in making your purchase you are now ready to do your own research. However, if this information has helped you, and you would like to show your appreciation feel free to support my blog by buying the adapter you need right here.

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