Bon Voyage Personal Hygiene Travel Kit

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Young Living Bon Voyage Travel Kit

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Are you packing and getting ready to jet set in some fancy place outside of your own space?  Looking to preserve your healthy lifestyle even when back tracking through the everglades of life?  Well it is possible.  What this little pack lacks it makes up for in quality products and compact convenience.  I would only add a few more things to this bag of treats to make it complete, and thankfully the bag that it comes in leaves room for just that.  Always remember however, what ever you add must meet the travel guidelines of TSA or you will be leaving it behind on your adventure.  It doesn’t come with deodorant and DSA is liquid mineral salt completely safe and I will be adding the recipe for how I make my own with oils available to all those interested on my essential oils website and on the oil cafe.

So here is what you do get with your kit:

  • Thieves® AromaBright Toothpaste, 60ml
  • Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier, 29.5ml
  • Thieves Dental Floss
  • Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash, 60ml
  • Young Living Toothbrush
  • Lavender Shampoo, 60ml
  • Lavender Conditioner, 60ml
  • Cinnamint Lip Balm
  • Morning Start™ Bath & Shower Gel, 60ml
  • Genesis™ Hand & Body Lotion, 60ml
  • ART® Light Moisturizer, 10g

Retail: $72.37

Wholesale: $55.00

If you would like to sign up to get your kit for $55.00 along with making the switch to a healthier home then join me to a healthier you and take advantage of a host of free resources that I make available to all of my team members to help them maximize the most of their investment.  This is not an investment in just wealth acquisition but in health accumulation.

In Search of the Mysterious 458 Bus Etiquette For Israeli Travel

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The busing system in Jerusalem is quite intricate. Many buses doing the same thing and going the same places. However for those interested in traveling to other further away areas of Israel you will find few buses and their locations further away from main bus station. Any English speaking person will be able to maneuver at most stops as they are in Hebrew and English. The problem comes in with special buses in that there arrival and departure points vary drastically. They also travel less frequently so you can easily tie your whole day up waiting as we did for our bus to Dimona. Now of course only God can make lemonade out of lemons and he did so. Special note English speakers if you see the word “alighten” next to bus number on bus stop this is for drop off not pickup. This mistake cost us valuable time in our day. Having started at 7:30am in Bethlehem from taxi to bus to train with 5 pieces of heavy luggage to the central bus station waiting till 2:16pm for a bus stop that neither information or any other person could correctly guide us to proved to be a futile effort. After missing the 458 bus we opted to go through Beersheva rather then wait on the 8pm 458 bus to appear in Jerusalem and lose an entire day. But again Yah orchestrated all, so after getting to Beersheva we met a couple who are attending the same event at the bus stop and they being English speakers have guided us as well. By the way after two hours of ministering to a young man from Canada even our six hour delay produced fruit for the kingdom of Yah and taught us something else, when you are delayed sometimes it’s on purpose.
Getting even closer to finishing the informentary on traveling as a native in Israel.  This will be a must have guide to getting the most out of your trip.  The more you go the more you learn.  We have made three trips now in less then 365 days and the knowledge and tips we acquired will be well worth purchasing this informentary and its accompanying workbook.

Please Take Me Away

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So you want to take a trip, somewhere, anywhere!  Anywhere beyond the four walls of your home, your job, and everything else familiar to your life, but there is only one fatal flaw, EXPENSE!  More affordable then ever you can travel not only nationally but internationally to see new things and experience something other then your surroundings.  Sometimes a fresh prospective requires a fresh environment to explore.  Tap into your creative side by sprinkling a little inspiration in your life.  Nothing is more inspiring then traveling on new adventures and experiencing life abroad, afar from your daily worries or concerns.

Grab a sheet of paper and right down at least  5 places that you would like to visit.  It can be anywhere in the world.  You have played it safe your entire life don’t choose now to be the time that you play it safe, take a risk.  There is nothing that removes the mundane in life quite like taking a leap of faith in stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone.  Allow the place you want to go to be your motivation that will propel you into the extra hours you will work to get just a little bit more spending money as well as get in good favor with some of your fellow workers when you need to switch days off so that you can take this trip of a lifetime.  If you’re not married then create a traveling friends club.  Remember you are looking for someone adventurous not the person who will spend the kind of money you will spend on a trip across the waters only to want to stay in the hotel room watching t.v. all day.  The appropriate companions will be essential.

Perhaps a cruise is more your speed?  Join the Critique travel advisor to find out how you can save a ton of money on cruises, even for balconies and suites.   But the tip of the day will be on cheap flights.  This too is a great option for travel and with the right resources can be done at a steal of a deal.  Bottomline, is get ready, get set, and most importantly go!

Now that you have where you want to go locked in, the next step is to know from where you are leaving.  if you are leaving from a major city then you should be ashamed you didn’t think of this sooner, however, if you live quite a distance from a major city then you have to broaden your horizons because some driving will be involved.  If you are a distance from a major cruise port this too means a few extra steps may be required but do not fret the tip I am providing you in this article will help you to get on course.

Once you have narrowed down your list of exotic places you would like to explore, or if you are real adventurous and just want to get a way then your opportunities have just expanded as Airfare Watchdog is a website that is based on bringing endless opportunities to your mailbox, email box that is.  Find out real time information and rules of engagement for booking your once or twice, or three in a lifetime dream vacation.  Participating is as simple as:

1) Whether your adventure starts in the air or on water for many of us an airplane trip will be the most convenient mode of transportation. Shouairfarewatchdogupdatesld you find the need to use this mode of transportation then these updates in your mailbox will prove to be most beneficial.  While I know, I know, many of us are inundated with junk mail coming in our inbox on a regular basis if you are a travel or potential travel explorer trust me seeing the fabulous deals that come about fresh off the press this e-mail update will be much like receiving a gift in your inbox.  It is not unexpected that one can find flights as low as $49 round trip, and the very first bill that must be paid and to take advantage of the good sales it will require that you have the lump sum available all at once so depending on how far your adventure will take you try to save at least $700 and anything that comes in for less consider the balance as a travel gift card because trust me it will be used.  So getting these updates will get you started. Also you are not bound by your dream vacation should you find a round trip ticket to Bora Bora for instance for $500 or less make that the next spot on your hitlist.

2) Pick the nearest major airports near you, or at least the ones you’re willing to drive or take a bus too.  Airfare watchdog allows you to customize your search based on the airports you are willing to leave from.  The great news is when you get your e-mail updates they will also throw in at the bottom any hot sales available from other airports near you.   flightout

3) Found what you like?  Pick dates around the rules required to get that price.  Unfortunately, if you are going to get the good deals you are going to have to be flexible.  So if this is your plan for travel then I wouldn’t put in for vacation just yet, wait until you have found your flight and if you have a job that limits your travel time then also keep that in mind whenflightfound reserving your plane ticket as these are nonrefundable especially if you do not have insurance.  But for sure you won’t have a lot of time to lock in that favorable price so as much information as you can find out about vacation days available to you from your job the better.  Because once that deal comes in you have just enough time to book it.  All the information you need to get the price you are looking at is provided for you including when travel must start, when it ends, and the airline providing it.  Also as you can see this particular deal is sold out.  So the best I can say is as soon as you see an update in your e-mail make it a priority to scan the offerings and pick your trip.  If everything meets your qualifications then a space is provided for you on the site to take you directly to your deal.

If Israel is your dream vacation then sign up with The Critique to find out how you can travel like a native in the Holy Land.  Save a bundle and experience Israel through the people and like you are a resident and my video documentary is like a how-to video that will show you what you need to do from beginning to end.





International Travel: Bed and Breakfast or Hotel

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Thus far my overseas travel portfolio as far as overnight stays only applies to one nation and that is Israel.  However, I have experienced traveling there staying in a hotel and staying in a bed and breakfast.  This review is just my personal view as well as travel tips concerning both.  On our first trip to Israel our entire stay with the exception of one overnight stay in a Kibbutz in Dimona was in a hotel.  The location was perfect as this hotel was literally only a few feet from the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem.  This made traveling the land as a native extremely easy and so for the location I would say this was a pretty good choice.  This is basically where the buck stops as it relates to staying in a hotel versus a bed and breakfast.  The cost to stay in the hotel was roughly $89 a night and to stay in a bed and breakfast $25 a night.

Our hotel suite provided us more space then the average hotel room would as we did have a miniature refrigerator, a living room and dining table area which is an excellent space for guest with a beautiful view of the city.  These amenities were nice to have, and staying in Israel means that any spot you stay in will be beaming with character, fortunately this is a trait that either a hotel or bed and breakfast will provide.  Having said that the benefit of a bed and breakfast is that you have access to a kitchen, which will include some sort of cooking surface apparatus, a full size refrigerator, and occasionally laundry area both of which are excellent amenities if you keep the Sabbath or plan to stay for more than a few days in the country.

The other bonus to staying in a bed and breakfast is the personal connection you get to make with the host.  Having a host that is dedicated to a few customers will always be more valuable than a hotel concierge who must see about the needs of potentially hundreds of guests.  Not to mention a host is an invaluable resource to not just helping you get around affordably as a native, but helping you learn how to maneuver the area safely and can help you truly understand the culture from the eyes of a local.  Especially if they speak both English and Hebrew or Arabic this means you have a translator just within a few feet of view, and all this for a price of between $25 and $39 per night.  No hotel in Jerusalem will be able to compete with a deal that good or provide that personal touch.

Living in the U.S. bed and breakfast has a different meaning.  We are used to victorian style homes which are beaming with character, but usually consists of uniquely designed rooms which may or may not include a private bathroom, and also means sharing the home with other strangers while the host makes you breakfast downstairs.  Well, my experience overseas has been somewhat different as no one has made us breakfast and occasionally you’ll find fresh eggs in the refrigerator and home made bread that may be dropped off outside your door, but you will be cooking the eggs yourself and you have your own private apartment that you don’t have to share any of the common area with others.  Obviously, the second image is usually more desirable then the first and unless you choose to share a space with strangers will be the likely accommodations you will receive.  For the reasons mentioned in the U.S. bed and breakfast is not quite as popular yet as resort and hotel accommodations.  However, in my albeit limited experience I was pleasantly delighted with the value and the security I felt living in the residential area of the land.  Staying in a bed and breakfast is not as easy to choose as perhaps a hotel will be.  Admittedly you do probably take more of a risk choosing this option as they will not come with the plethora of reviews that one will find for hotels which have been usually established for years and decades.  However, there are a couple of reliable websites that will give you some reviews that are usually very thorough and provide lots of pictures and details so that you can make an informed decision about where you choose to stay.

There are two companies that we used in order to secure our bed and breakfast, and although there are others available online and I plan to write reviews on the other I mentioned in this article I will only give a review of the ones I actually used which includes:

airbnbFunctions much like a social media community that focuses on everything traveling accept flight purchasing.  While securing accommodations is its primary purpose it also provides you with information and options to purchase experiences along the way.  I have yet to purchase any tours from there so this review will be mainly on my experience using them for accommodations.  I just recently booked a room for national travel, but will have to update you about that experience later on.  Airbnb is a good place to start because it is like a well established neighborhood, it has been in this space for a while now and as a result have lots of options for you to choose from.  The pricing is fair just make sure that you read the sites thoroughly the price for the actual room is one thing and that can be alluring but these services also include other fees that can drive your overall price up higher then the per day quote.  However, you will know before you pay what you will owe.  They also take the money out immediately after you reserve the location.  Another excellent feature of using this platform is you have access to the host before and obviously after you secure your accommodations to ask them whatever questions you need.  This operates much the way e-mail does so it is fairly self explanatory.  Get updates through the Airbnb app on your phone.  As soon as your host has sent you a message it will come directly to your phone.  Giving you real time information as needed for your trip.

Recently Airbnb has made some changes to its privacy policy as well as security policy.  Host’s can request pictures of your personal information such as government issued identification (i.e. drivers license).  In my opinion this information should not be required, however, you have to decide for yourself whether or not this is a deal breaker.  Not all hosts require this additional information so shop around and you may find some that don’t, with a price you’re willing to pay.

A note on security, like ebay and any other platform that relies on positive feedback to continue to thrive, Airbnb operates much the same way.  People typically leave feedback when they have stayed in these places and rest assured if its not a new listing and people have stayed there with a complaint this spot will be the first place they make known their problems.  Be mindful when you read though of the age or purpose of the visit if this information is provided by the one giving a review.  For instance, a couple may be looking for different things then a few college students on vacation backtracking through Israel.  Their assessment of a property will not necessarily measure up to the experience you desire to have.  So try to find reviews if available that are very detailed and specifically take in consideration the date of their stay especially if multiple reviews are listed, and details like if this was a couple, a family, or a college students review.  This will help give you a balanced view of the review so that you can book with your eyes wide open.  I personally won’t stay in a place that has no photos available for me to view.  I also will not book if the only pictures are pictures of the surrounding area, you will find pictures of what might be views from the property, but none of the property.

Also, always be sure to read the cancellation policy and the house rules before you book. Another important point to consider is make sure that when searching criteria that you specify if you have a preference concerning sharing a space, renting a private room, or entire home.  There are some really good prices out there no matter which you choose but if you are looking for a space that will accommodate two people and it is a 6 bedroom apartment for $20.00 for instance then more then likely this is for a private room in a house rather then you having the entire house.  This is not necessarily a problem, just be aware that this may mean sharing a bathroom with someone else, and if you don’t have a private key to your room could also be a security concern.  Whenever we have booked we have been sure to look specifically for properties rented as “entire home/apartment” and my review is based on renting an entire space.

ebc3273565b5e682ccaf01872d2e046749306442If you’re not completely sold out on doing a bed and breakfast then is an excellent resource to consider.  This will not limit you to bed and breakfast properties, but will allow you to shop a whole host of different properties from hotels, resorts, airbnb’s, or whatever is available to be rented you can pretty much get.  Functioning more like Expedia or like many commercial online travel sites this website allows for you to see all the options available in a given area with whatever your criteria is from price range to ratings.  Another great feature is many of the properties that you search from here do not require payment for reservations and typically will offer more flexible cancellation policies.  Booking also unlike Airbnb does not provide an option for renting a room for an apartment as far as I have seen the entire space was rented out which means you don’t have to concern yourself with the possibility of renting a space that has unexpected strangers sharing your common areas.  However, as far as bed and breakfast properties go you won’t find quite as many as you will with Airbnb so I would highly recommend that you shop both before making your final decision.

Also, also offers a phone app that will help you to keep track of any of your reservations and make changes as necessary with your own secure account much like Airbnb your personal information is kept safe and secure.  Rest easy knowing that your vacation is booked and there is nothing left for you to do but to pack and go.
The Critique is working on a comprehensive video that will give you step by step instructions and is available with workbook that will show you how to get the most out of your Holy Land trip at an affordable price.  Under The Jerusalem Sun will be a must have item for planning a trip to the Holy Land and with a video download price of $20 you can’t beat it, or purchase a bundle and get the downloadable workbook that includes fill in the blank checklists and worksheets to make each step of the process easy to follow, order the bundle for only $39.99.  Unfortunately, the documentary is not ready, but will be soon.


5 Must Have Carry On Items for Your Plane Trip

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So you have already booked your flight, researched the places you want to see, and chosen the places you will stay when the plane touches the ground. You have purchased all of your tourist essentials from camera’s to foot gear. Everything you could possibly consider to do you have done, or have you? Have you thought about what you would experience at the airport? How a few hours on a plane can drastically impact the quality of the trip you will take? If you haven’t you are not alone most people don’t consider the dangers they face just to get to their vacation location. Well, let me share with you 5 must have carry on’s for your airplane trip.

Imagine being in a fortress completely confined like an oven on every side. Sealed tight and encapsulated. Now imagine that you are confined in that space with at least 150 other people from different places in the world, exposed to different things around the world. Then imagine sitting in seats and using tables, and grasping for magazines and flyers that have been handled by countless others without being sterilized or washed down. Finally, in this space you will sit with one hundred or more other people for a minimum of 2 to as much as 10 or 12 hours. Every sneeze, cough, wheeze, and runny nose all around you, is this not a breeding ground for disease? This is the environment you enter every time you board a plane. I don’t tell you this to scare you, but rather to prepare you. These must haves will not only address the health risk to compromised immune systems through airborne bacteria, but also to sitting in cramped quarters with limited mobility.

You paid a lot of money to get to where you are going, and what a shame it would be for you to get to your destination and have to spend even one minute of that time in urgent care in a foreign land. Staying well is possible, but requires that you are intentional in your planning. Most of the time when we plan a trip we only think about preparing for the mishaps that can occur once we get somewhere and sometimes we don’t even think about that. Sometimes we just plan all the cool things we want to see or do, but give very little thought to the dangers we must first go through before we get to that destination. These 5 must have’s will address what you can do to make your flight comfortable, and help you be ready to run once you get off. So buckle up and prepare for the ride.


First Defense Nasal Screen – It doesn’t hurt to hit airborne disease in more than one way. For that reason I would also recommend using these while in airports, but especially while on a plane.   Lasting for up to 24 hours with a 99% efficiency rate this will be a real blessing to have to keep you from being unnecessarily susceptible to that passenger beside, in front or behind you that has a hacking cough or a sick kid that doesn’t cover their mouth. If you are that person with a compromised immune system then being in a closed space spells D-A-N-G-E-R. First Defense Nasal Screen was created upon the premise that sickness is received through what you breathe. Therefore, if you can keep sickness from entering your nose you can keep from getting sick. This combined with a few other helpful suggestions on this website will make you more secure on your trip.

With approximately 90% of the air we breathe going through the nose and with up to a 99% efficiency rate everyone now has an alternative to breathing in these contaminants, allowing for a healthier and happier life. First Defense Nasal Screens can be worn for up to 24 hours and are self-cleaning so they will not clog and seal 100% of the nasal passage, so the compliance rate has shown to be over 77% versus the less than 30% that the dust mask has shown.


Ear planes – Available locally, these noise cancelling ear plugs are a useful way to avoid the uncomfortable and painful ear popping that occurs due to airplane noise. The longer the trip, the greater the possibility that this discomfort can haunt you during the first few days. Thankfully this prospect can be avoided by just simply purchasing these ear plugs uniquely designed to protect your ears, while allowing you to still hear the things that you would like to hear. Hypoallergenic, reasonable in price, and compact makes for easy storage as well as usage.


DVT Socks – While having a cold is annoying more dangerous is DVT, which can lead to blood clots, and possibly death. If you are traveling overseas this can be a very serious concern to consider. While DVT socks represent one such way to potentially avoid DVT, I would encourage you to engage in various leg and foot stretches while seated and every two hours make a point of getting up from your seat even when nature doesn’t’ call you to move around. Click here to find a list of different options for DVT Sock purchases. FYI, Research have shown that those who sit in window seats are more proned to getting DVT, simply because the inconvenience of disturbing the person on the aisle seat prohibits passengers from moving.   Don’t let this be a concern, remember your health is at stake so don’t let consistent movement stop you. Besides if you share this video with your travel partner or the information with the stranger sitting next to you, perhaps you can synchronize your stretches together. Which will avoid the awkwardness of having to climb over them.


Deep Vein Thrombosis – deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a serious condition that occurs when a blood clot forms in a vein located deep inside your body.


Travel Pillow – On an 8+ hour flight it is inevitable that you will at some point take a nap. If you are traveling with your significant other and no one is in a chair on the other side of you then having a pillow may not be as essential. However, in the event you find yourself in a different situation where you may have a stranger beside you then you will want to have a pillow that may help contain your head from wandering on strange shoulders. Of course regardless being comfortable while you sleep on a trip like this is very important. Avoiding jetlag or at the least minimizing it is worth a reasonable expense and carryon space. Top Pick Travel pillows will be provided in the article on my website.


Eye gear – Now that we have covered your neck, your legs, your nose, and your ears, it’s time to give some consideration for your eyes. Depending on when you travel you may find yourself only having the time you have in flight to rest. The distraction of people around you may stop you from getting that quality sleep you need. Having eye gear can help provide that peaceful environment that aids in getting sufficient rest. These should be relatively inexpensive to find, and combined with Young Living Essential Oils such as peace and calming, frankincense, or lavender you can easily wind down to get yourself that much needed rest.


If this was helpful be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos.  If you are catching me on youtube then be sure to subscribe to my travel channel where I will also be adding more travel friendly videos to help you have an enjoyable vacation. If you are interested in more information about any products mentioned you will find the link to my blog where I will post these products for you to view. Thanks for listening and May YHVH bless you and keep you, make His face to shine upon you, and grant you His peace as you travel.   Happy Flying!

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