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parismapI know it’s been a minute, life happening stops a sole proprietorship in its tracks.  But don’t fret I have not neglected my travel business despite the craziness.

Our layover in Paris consisted of wanting to see one place and we had 6 hours only to make it happen.  Did as much planning as I could with all the possible apps I could and none were helpful.

Be sure when choosing apps going overseas that they are functional offline.  The main thing I needed was transit instructions on how to use public transportation to get around.  Travel or tourist by taxi or tour guide is ridiculously high.  Over $60 round trip for two travel from CDG airport to Tour Eiffel by transit would have cost me over $400 by private tour and by taxi at least double.  Though public transportation and traffic ate up the bulk of our time in Paris the ultimate goal was met, we made it to the tower.  I must admit it wasn’t what I expected, but it was amazing seeing how huge the city is.  One could easily walk in circles and we were almost one of them.

Reliable WiFi would be needed or an international phone to function overseas.  Unlike Jerusalem WiFi on the streets was not as easy to come by and GPS service unavailable without it.  The best thing you can use in the 21st century to maneuver the Parisienne streets is a good ole fashion street map.  Paris map allowed you to download maps, but make sure you know where it’s saved to and you have ample space on micro sd card to save it.  Sorry Apple users without extended space this could eat you up and if your phone is your camera space is gold for high quality videos and photos.

So with limited time to figure out how to maneuver offline and with one battery for my phone it was a race between finding the Eiffel and having enough juice on my phone which was also my camera to take pictures once there.  At the end of the day the app gets an “A” rating for organizing useful information for tourist, especially while you are in your home area, but a “F” for use when you need it once there.  It’s functionality becomes useless once you’re there, without WiFi, and let’s face it, being able to walk the streets of Paris from your home area with your fingers is not quite as useful as being able to maneuver around Paris once you’re there.

This app allows you to get general information when in your home area concerning attractions, currency converter, points of interest with GPS coordinates, maps, and history of the city.  Mostly information found online such as Wikipedia, centrally in one place.  An app with much promise, but not quite there yet.

Okay so, if you have been on my website you know that I am working on a documentary sharing how we traveled in Jerusalem as a native and saved a bundle.  The purpose of this documentary is to empower, encourage, and inform those interested in traveling abroad on your own terms with my personal reviews, tips, and resources to help you overcome the international travel phobias that may hinder you from taking the plunge.  If you would like to be kept abreast of when the documentary is available or to stay tuned for more useful reviews encourage you to follow the Critique and begin your adventure today.

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Tips For Finding Cheap Flights

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Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite This Holiday

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Most people have been affected by the bed bug epidemic and unfortunately these critters knows no bounds. Whether it’s an airplane blanket or a hotel bed.  This natural ingredient can keep the little varments at bay from feasting on your flesh.  Sprinkle this on your bed and brush on sheets and especially comforters that rarely get washed.  Be sure to follow for more helpful tips on travelling.  Will soon do video on helpful and not so helpful apps for travelling.

Cash Savings for Expedia Traveling

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So if you are like me and can always use some extra money to save up for that next traveling experience.  Then perhaps you can kill two birds with one stone.  By purchasing your flight/hotel tickets through Expedia using Ebates you can save money on the front end and get reimbursed on the back end.  Buying in bundles on Expedia saves you BIG money, and if you are not a big fan of Expedia fret not Ebates allows you to travel in style with flexibility travelpkg

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Traveling Internationally As A Native

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I am back from my Jerusalem trip and my quest to travel as much as I could as a native is complete.  Considering all the potential pitfalls one can have not knowing the language of the lands you visit, as an English speaking person it is very possible with adequate research and limited navigation skills to travel in foreign lands, at least Paris and Jerusalem with limited skills, and take advantage of the travel benefits of public transportation.  

But the next question is which is better?  In Israel, public transportation was easily accessible, but in Palestine the bordering state it was not as easy to find public transportation, nor the English language as well known.  The language barrier indeed is the biggest problem one can have to international travelling.

However, for those of you adventurous enough to attempt world travel the native way I am working on a documentary of my trip.  The documentary is called, “Under The Jerusalem Sun” This documentary will aid you in your travel goals, from safe plane travel to useful apps, travel, hotel and food recommendations.  Enjoy photos taken from the trip, non professional, just with a smartphone, and video narration of Holy Sites as well.  Reviews of places stayed, foods eaten, and transportation taken.  What areas accepted American cash, and when local cash is essential to have.  Which is best when doing currency conversions, exchange in your country or abroad.  All the things I had to research and what was more cost effective for us. 

Find out why even on the nicest of planes you need to disinfect and AVOID complementary blankets, use your own jacket to stay warm.  My plan is to provide you with enough information to make travel for any English speaking individual possible, affordable and safe.

The goal of this documentary is to help make travelling to exotic places possible even on a modest household budget.  If you are looking for an affordable way to travel, look no further for a ten percent finders fee I can help you plan the trip of your dreams from plane fares to accommodations, saving you thousands of dollars.  In one hour I can save you days of research and in NO TIME you will be looking forward to a trip of a lifetime.

15 Traveling Essential Oils

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These are actually 13 oils and not fifteen.  Three of my traveling oils should be carried with you on the plane.  Join my The Critique Travel channel on YouTube on more videos on staying healthy while you’re away. Hope you enjoy.

Airplane Survival Kit

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Ready to go on some exotic vacation?  Got your ticket to fly and your room booked?  Have you considered every possible scenario and checked off every thing needed to pack?  Well let’s see.  Have you considered the dangers that await you just to get to your destination?  If you haven’t then I highly recommend you watch this video.  I will prepare you to disinfect your area through this Airplane Survival kit training guide.  Be ready within seconds to disinfect your seats, eating table, and your arm rest.  Find out about both the basic and premium kits that have been developed for your comfort.

Combating sickness requires repelling airborne bacteria, getting adequate non contaminated oxygen, and plenty of rest.  All of which will be challenged on a long flight where your body will go from one time zone to another and your circadian rhythm will be tested.  For that reason it is essential that you are able to suppress as much as possible the proliferation of contamination that you are exposed to and that is exactly what my kit will address.



Fill out the form below and I will contact you with paypal information to purchase your kit as soon as it is available.

This information has not been approved by the FDA and The Critique encourages everyone who purchases this product does so with the understanding of informed consent.  Meaning you have done your own personal research as to the efficacy of the products mentioned and understand that individual results may vary.