This Week Tropical Travel Tuesday

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capture+_2018-08-21-12-24-37-909173591..pngHere we go on another advent of a fabulous traveling deal, its time to pack your bags and enjoy some Mai Tai’s in Hawaii.  It’s hard to believe a state so beautiful and exotic is considered domestic travel.  So glad they were added to the Union.  Well this week you can enjoy the tropical breeze and escape the merciless humid air of Houston for only $353.  This is a definite steal of a deal you don’t want to miss.


Ready to go International?  Don’t fret this week we have a double feature as you don’t have to choose between Amsterdam and Iceland when you can have them both for less then a trip to Hawaii.  That’s right enjoy the more brisk air of Iceland and the bike trails of Amsterdam for less then a trip to Hawaii.  Sometimes choosing can be very difficult but at these prices and with these dates you don’t have to choose pick them both.  Have something to look forward to in September and again in February.



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Get The Roundtrip $411 on the Netherlands this Winter

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I became interested in the Netherlands after studying about the Dementia Village in Hogewey, just outside Amsterdam. If you follow my blog Transformation Lifestyle then you are familiar with my research and my personal experience with this mind robbing disease. This village is making some pioneering moves which I would like to go over and study. So imagine my excitement when researching this Tuesdays deal that I found these roundtrip tickets from East and West coast cities for only $411 roundtrip. Timing for me to go isn’t good but perhaps for you this could be a deal of a lifetime. Join T C Travel Club for more details on this and other deals.