Early August Travel Deals Domestic & Abroad

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Find out if there is more than WKRP in Cincinnati, Oh with this deal from Dallas, Tx. Fly out on the next frontier anytime starting August 14 through October 2.

Got a little vacation time to see something over yonder? Travel to the city in the sky from Boston to Dubai. Dubai has become a must see exotic place and for $588 roundtrip it can be your pie in the sky destination. Travel in style with Turkish Airlines my personal top 5 pic of airlines for its professionalism and amenities. Travel dates starting in September.

So if you’re ready for me to sign you up then place your bid today. Remember you don’t have to live in Boston to take advantage of a good deal for a little extra we may be able to fly you from where you are to catch this flight. Book a bid today and let’s get started.

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Travel deals above can be found at Airfare Watchdog and Secret Flying websites.


Get The Roundtrip $411 on the Netherlands this Winter

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I became interested in the Netherlands after studying about the Dementia Village in Hogewey, just outside Amsterdam. If you follow my blog Transformation Lifestyle then you are familiar with my research and my personal experience with this mind robbing disease. This village is making some pioneering moves which I would like to go over and study. So imagine my excitement when researching this Tuesdays deal that I found these roundtrip tickets from East and West coast cities for only $411 roundtrip. Timing for me to go isn’t good but perhaps for you this could be a deal of a lifetime. Join T C Travel Club for more details on this and other deals.