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The Traveling Homeschooler’s Advantage

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Finding amazing deals is all about research, timing, and flexibility and if you have this there is no reason why you can’t see more of the world then what these borders of fifty states have to offer for less then it would cost you to go from Dallas to Los Angeles. Finding amazing deals is what I do I am truly a beast when it comes to researching the internet and finding amazing vacations for amazing prices. I suppose I would be the equivalent for travel as a fashion buyer is for boutique stores. As a former homeschooling stepmom I had no clue about this world of traveling and how affordable it actually can be, had I known then I would have made it my business to save up so that we as a family could at least once during their school years expose them to an International experience, but the Lord knows when these things should take place and clearly it wasn’t time. But the reason why I say homeschoolers have a greater advantage then those in the mainstream population is for these 3 reasons.

  1. bulletin-board-3127287_640Flexibility in time – Homeschoolers aren’t limited to taking vacation only during the summers or major holidays. For travelling these are the WORST times to travel price wise because everyone knows just like that “must have” amazing toy during the year everyone is looking for, that sellers can mark their prices up for top dollar because lets face it we know that on December 26th that must have toy for the big day is going to go down in its value considerably once the day is up. Yet, even though we know this it is worth it for some of us Americans to pay the extra just so that we can see our children light up as they unwrap the toy they didn’t think they would get for Christmas. Well, imagine how much better giving your children exposure to Paris, London, Israel, Africa or Australia would be? A life changing experience that they will not soon forget. I still remember the first cruise I ever took at the tender age of six years old, but couldn’t tell you all the toys that I received that same year. Go figure! Homeschooling families with parents that can opt to choose their vacation time can take advantage of off season traveling at any given moment.
  2. airport-2373727_640Flexibility in location – You’re not talking about going to Disney World or Disneyland in the U.S. at least, but you’re talking about traveling abroad. We’re not talking about visiting Aunt Mable in Florida or Uncle Tom in Wyoming, but traveling over the BIG water and trust me planes are looking for a means to fill those seats, this becomes a homeschool court advantage as traveling becomes a part of the curriculum. An opportunity to take the classroom in the air and over the seas so that as a family you can look, taste, feel, touch and hear the sounds that you have studied in a book or on the web upclose and personal. This means it doesn’t matter where you go over the waters, only that you go and this type of flexibility is available for all reasonable budgets. Having a little creativity will go along way to creating a traveling adventure that you and your family won’t soon forget.
  3. kitchen-1940174_640Taking home on the road – When traveling with children you’re used to living in shared spaces and well this becomes a great advantage with accommodations. Airbnb provides an amazing opportunity for you to not only save money on accommodations but gives you amenities that are just like home many sporting washers and dryers and full kitchens with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. Making maneuvering in home spaces much easier and affordable. As eating out can be pricey for two but for four or more could break any budget. However homeschoolers are use to being happy campers and while experiencing food abroad is a part of the experience a couple of eat out meals will accommodate that need and stocking your fridge will make a far less dent in your budget. By being willing to share or rent a home abroad you will be pleasantly surprised at the nice amenities that are available to you and enjoy the privacy it gives to families to be able to enjoy one another without the concerns that comes with staying in hotels. Beware, while with research this is a great alternative, but only for the one who is willing to do their due diligence in research. You can have a nightmare of an experience without doing so. Always bear in mind if the deal sounds too good to be true well it usually is.


These are just a few reasons why homeschooling families interested in traveling abroad can do so while spending less to travel abroad then they would from the east to the west coast of their own country.   I have never planned an international trip for a homeschool family, but would absolutely love to. I take it as a personal challenge that I would like to meet. So if these three aspects of traveling with your family doesn’t scare you then I would be honored to plan your family adventure. Submit to me your bid so we can get you started today!  If you would like more travel tips that can help you craft your own traveling itinerary and much, much more including how to videos and travel preparation materials then be sure to join my TC travel club.  You will also be the first to know about any specials or discounts that I offer for my services or products.  Joining is absolutely free for now, so get in while you can to this exclusive traveling club and start planning your next adventure today!



Tips For Finding Cheap Flights

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Staying Connected While Traveling

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On a long list of things to consider while leaving the country, if you are a computer based business, then add an adapter to your list of must have’s. Thinking that this process of finding what I need would be easy, I discovered that where you are going is important and certain countries have their own unique system working. However, to make this process as easy to follow as I possibly can I will provide you with what I believe are three inquiries you need to consider when determining what type of adapter you need to purchase.

  1. Make a list of all of the appliances you plan to bring. This is important because this will let you know how many adapters you will need to have. After scouring the internet reading reviews and considering my own personal needs combined with that of my spouse, there were 3 Reasons I Chose Bestek Travel Voltage Converter as my top pick choice. If you are not a lone traveler then you can consider that your usage will be doubled. So having a voltage converter that is multifaceted is your best option. Let’s face it as Americans we are energy hogs, we do not want to have to wait to charge our phone while using our laptop, and on top of that we must make sure our tablet’s and ipads are ready to go as well. Let’s not forget our hair appliances and for our nutrition buffs our Nutribullets. Bottom line you will need to still know what all you are bringing so that you can access how many adapters you need, along with any other details that will be necessary to determine the best adapter for your appliances. I made the mistake of thinking the adapter was the only issue, but the adapter only makes your product fit into the outlet, it doesn’t make your voltage usage equal.voltage-label
  2. Find out what the voltage and Hz rate is for the country you are visiting, and make sure you know the voltage on the appliances you plan to bring. This is extremely important my research has used enough capital letters to identify that this is important enough for me to pass that information to you. Which means that in addition to an adapter you will need to know if your appliances have dual functionality to increase or decrease to match the voltage for the area you’re visiting.
  3. Universal in scope. You don’t want to have to keep buying multiple adapters for every country you may want to go to. Thank God there are adapters that are universal, and I highly recommend this choice. This may be your only trip overseas, but chances are it won’t be, and just in the event that you do travel somewhere where you need it, it is better to buy the adapter once then to have to reinvest in a new one for every place you visit. Consider it a one time investment in your travel adventures.


Having considered these three things in making your purchase you are now ready to do your own research. However, if this information has helped you, and you would like to show your appreciation feel free to support my blog by buying the adapter you need right here.

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